‘870 billion in 2 years’ Messi accepts Busquets and Al-Hilal transfer.. Ronaldo and Saudi Arabia?

Lionel Messi (36), who is likely to part ways with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), is known to have accepted a transfer to Saudi Arabia, drawing attention.

Spain’s ‘El Chiringito TV’ announced on the 8th (Korean time) that Lionel Messi has accepted a mega deal of 260 million pounds (approximately 435.4 billion won) a year with Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia this summer, and will return to Barcelona when the contract with PSG is over. He said he would give up and fly to the Middle East.

토토사이트 According to the article, Messi will sign a two-year contract. In this case, he will earn a total of 520 million pounds (approximately 870.6 billion won). Former Barcelona teammates Sergio Busquets (35) and Jordi Alba (34, above Barcelona) can also join Al-Hilal. Messi and Busquets will become free agents (FA) players side by side at the end of June. Another player from Barcelona may go instead of Alba.

Messi’s absence from PSG training last week made it clear that he would part ways with PSG. Messi, who was appointed as a Saudi tourism ambassador in May last year, flew to Saudi Arabia on the 3rd. However, it became controversial as it became known that PSG’s permission was not given.

Appearing in a suit on social media, Messi said: “As always, I thought I would take a break after the game. It was a trip that I couldn’t cancel because it was already scheduled and canceled the last time.” We are waiting for the club’s decision.”

The PSG squad initially decided to take a break after the match against Lorient. However, when PSG lost 1-3, head coach Christophe Galtier ordered additional training. Messi, who had no choice but to attend this training, had to be disciplined by PSG to ban training for two weeks and notice a weekly wage cut.

Local media see this incident as making it clear that Messi and PSG can no longer be together. For this reason, Messi has been connected with Major League Soccer (MLS) Inter Miami from rumors of his return to Barcelona. But Messi’s choice was eventually the Middle East.

When Messi heads to Saudi Arabia, he will face Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) again. Ronaldo joined Al Nasr at the end of December last year. He is known to have an annual salary of 200 million euros (approximately 292.2 billion won).