83 years old and 7 months old 外

○●… Park Jung-hwan loses to Lee Chang-ho

(Hangeul Go = Han Chang-gyu Reporter) Park Jung-hwan 9-dan defeated Lee Chang-ho 9-dan. They faced each other in the first round of the double-elimination round of 16 at the 2nd Korean Kiwon Championship, held at the Go TV studio on the afternoon of the 15th, and lost in 184 moves. “I think my opponent made a mistake in the early axis attack. It worked out fine on its own,” Park said afterwards.

It was their second meeting this year and 27th overall. Park extended his winning streak to eight games since 2015 and improved his head-to-head record against Lee to 20-7. Currently, Park is ranked 2nd and Lee is ranked 98th.

The second edition of the Korean Kiwon Championships, which began in December last year, has completed the first round of the round of 16. The tournament is a double-elimination, four-player round-robin format with the two winners of each group and the two losers advancing to the upper rounds until the semi-finals.

The second round of the winner-takes-all round of 16 will begin on the 16th with the winner of the fourth place match between Shin Min-joon and Kang Dong-yoon. Park Jung-hwan 9-dan will face Lee Won-young 9-dan in the second place match. The final will be played on the 5th. The first prize is 50 million won.

○●… The 83-year-old, 7-month-old tournament was cancelled

The 83-year-old, 7-month-old grand tournament scheduled for the 13th was cancelled. Kazuko Sugiuchi 8th Dan is 96 years, 4 months and 7 days old, the oldest active member of the Nippon Ryu, and Saki Yanagihara is 12 years, 9 months and 7 days old, the youngest active member of the Nippon Ryu.

The two knights met in the qualifying rounds of the 35th Women’s Masters Tournament, but due to Sugiuchi 8th Dan’s absence, the match did not take place. For the record, she remains 83 years and seven months old.

Nippon Kiwon reported that before the tournament began, Sugiuchi’s family informed him that he was unable to compete due to poor physical condition. His opponent, Yanagihara Chodan, sat alone in his seat and waited, and was declared a forfeit at 11 a.m., one hour later, according to the rules.

Sugiuchi 8th Dan, who has been in the game for more than 80 years, became the oldest female knight to win a tournament at the age of 96 years and 1 month in April during the qualifiers for the Tentai Tournament, and has won 10 titles in her professional career, including four consecutive titles since 1991 in the third tournament.

The largest age gap was 79 years and four months in the qualifiers for the 65th Throne Battle in 2016. It was written by Sugiuchi 8th Dan’s husband, the late Sugiuchi Masao 9th Dan (95 years old at the time), and 15-year-old Onishi Ryuhei 7th Dan. Masao Sugiuchi 9th Dan also holds the record for the world’s oldest victory at 96 years and 10 months.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s oldest player is 84 years, 9 months and 13 days old. It was achieved by Choi Chang-won 6-dan against Jung Dong-sik 6-dan in the Jiji Auction Ship Qualifier in May 2022. The largest age gap is 67 years and 10 months between Choi Chang-won and Han Woo-jin, recorded at the 25th GS Caltex World Championship in December 2019.

○●… MOU for the World Go Sanctuary at Mount Taebaek

Korea Origin has signed a business agreement with the city of Taebaek, Gangwon-do Province, Gangwon Ilbo, and the Taebaeksan National Park Office, outlining the project to make Mount Taebaek a World Go Sanctuary.

At a ceremony held at Taebaek City Hall on the 14th, Yang Jae-ho, Secretary General of the Korea Origin Foundation, Lee Sang-ho, Mayor of Taebaek, Park Jin-oh, President of Gangwon Ilbo, and Kang Jae-gu, Director of the Taebaeksan National Park Office, signed a business agreement to establish the Taebaek Branch of the Korea Origin Foundation and to support the activation of local go youth clubs.

“With this agreement, Taebaek City will establish itself as a representative go city through go-related cultural tourism projects and attracting the World Go Championship,” said Mayor Lee Sang-ho. “The agreement with KOGO will play a great role in revitalising the economy of the Taebaek area.”

Yang Jae-ho, Secretary General of the Korea Go Foundation, replied, “Thank you for your willingness and love for the promotion of Go,” and said, “We will do our best to develop Go together with Taebaek and make Taebaek City and Mount Taebaek a sacred place for Go.” 메이저사이트추천