‘4 consecutive wins’ Wi Seong-woo “Roh Hyun-ji is back well, bench operation is getting better”

Asan Woori Bank grabbed Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and ran a 4-game winning streak. The first game after the regular league championship was confirmed. I ran while saving power, but Woori Bank was still Woori Bank. Director Wi Seong-woo (52) also expressed some satisfaction.

Woori Bank won a 72-59 victory over Samsung Life Insurance in the 6th round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League held at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th.

It’s a 4-game winning streak. On the 13th, I caught BNK and confirmed the championship in the regular league, and after two days off, I started playing again. Danbi Kim and Kim Jong-un did not run for less than 20 minutes. Director Wi said early on that he would spare it. The player who ran the most was Park Hye-jin, with a time of 31 minutes and 52 seconds. She came out evenly and did well evenly. The result is a complete victory.

Especially on this day, Noh Hyun-ji shone. He spent a long time in rehabilitation after ankle surgery and has been playing lately. On this day, he made 14 points by making four 3-pointers. In addition, Park Hye-jin and Park Ji-hyun each scored 14 points, and Kim Jong-un also scored 10 points.After the game, coach Wi said, “It is not that we are strong, but it should be seen that it is time for Samsung Life to fall. It’s time to get away from the outer cannons. In the remaining regular league games, Danbi Kim and Kim Jong-un will be rotated and used. (Park) Hyejin also thought about 35 minutes, but 31 minutes wasn’t bad.”

He continued, “(Noh) Hyun-ji did better than I thought. This is the bench score. If this goes well, the bench operation will definitely improve. 메이저놀이터 Of course I don’t know yet. The shot that is thrown without burden after winning is confirmed can be different. Because the older sisters are so good, the defense is focused on them. When I go to the help, there is an open chance for the local side,” he explained.

Regarding Park Hye-jin’s Yatoo, “Actually, there are ups and downs. She’s been like that for the last 5 games. She goes up and down. As you go along, the average comes out. The most urgent thing is the roles of (Park) Hyejin and (Choi) Lee Sam. I couldn’t run for 40 days and 50 days, respectively. These two should do their part. That makes for a good game.”

“There are many games in the playoffs with a day off. Leaning to one side is a burden. Dispersion is required. The locals also returned well in a timely manner. You are doing better than you think. We have to finish the remaining four games well,” he emphasized.

In addition, coach Wi said, “I will save my stamina. now or never I thought about 20 minutes of Danbi today, but as it became garbage, I ran less. You have to go thinking about the playoffs. Isn’t that the case with blindly letting young players play? The opponent is running with life and death, but we shouldn’t be loose. There may be misunderstandings. I think it will all be decided by the time the final game is reached,” he said.