‘215M remaining’ Yelich, prelude to resurrection? ‘The first arch of the exhibition game’

Former National League Best Player (MVP) Christian Yelich (32, Milwaukee Brewers), who has not been able to catch up since 2019, drew the first arch in the demonstration game.

On the 3rd (Korean time), Milwaukee held a 2023 demonstration game against the Texas Rangers at the American Family Fields of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Yelich started as Milwaukee’s No. 1 designated hitter that day and recorded 2 hits in 3 at-bats (1 home run), 1 RBI and 2 runs. Multi-hit including first home run.

With this, Yelich recorded two consecutive extra-base hits following a double on the 1st. He is recording a batting average of 0.500 and an OPS of 1.667 even though he is in the early stages.

Milwaukee must have been very happy with the news of Yelich’s home run, even though the team lost 4-7 that day. For Milwaukee, the resurrection of Yelich is just as desperate.

After being named the National League MVP in 2018, Yelich was ranked second in MVP in 2019 with a batting average of 0.329, 44 homers, and an OPS of 1.100.

Milwaukee then signed Yelich to a nine-year, $215 million contract ahead of the 2020 season. However, as if Yelich was lying, his performance went downhill from the 2020 season.

Yelich’s performance in the last three seasons is only 0.243 batting average, 0.358 on-base percentage, and 0.745 OPS. He also had 35 home runs and 130 RBIs, respectively. 위너 토토

Of course, the situation is better than 2019 MVP Cody Bellinger (28). However, Yelich is a bigger shock to his team in that he collapsed right after signing a 9-year-$215 million contract.

There is a six-year, $156 million contract remaining between Milwaukee and Yelich. Milwaukee will be desperate for Yelich’s resurgence.

Attention is focusing on whether Yelich will be able to recover the glory of the past MVP by overcoming the sluggishness of the last three seasons by continuing the momentum from the beginning of this demonstration game.