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Yankees captain who learned leadership by watching veterans… “I hope you come anytime”

Aaron Judge (31) of the New York Yankees introduced his relationship with Anthony Rizzo (34). He learned true leadership from a veteran, and was determined to put it into practice as a captain.

In an interview with, the official homepage of the major leagues, on the 27th (Korean time), Judge said, “I made it to the postseason with Rizzo, who joined through a trade. Lizzo has been the leader from day one. I learned a lot from Rizzo,” praising Rizzo’s leadership.

Rizzo made his big league debut with the San Diego Padres in 2011, and transferred to the Chicago Cubs the following year to continue his playing career. With his long hitting power, Rizzo has grown into a central hitter and has stood tall as the main character at various awards ceremonies, including the National League first baseman Silver Slugger once (2016) and Gold Glove four times (2016, 2018-2020).

During the 2021 season, Rizzo wore a Yankees pinstripe uniform through a trade. In the 2022 season, in 130 games, he recorded 104 hits, 32 homers, a batting average of 0.224, a slugging percentage of 0.480, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.818. He led the Yankees’ hitting line.

Outside of the game, he also took care of the players and helped the Yankees lead the way. Even for Judge, Rizzo was a support. 메이저놀이터 The media said, “Judge and Lizzo’s friendship developed quickly. In the process of hitting 62 home runs, Judge became even closer. Rizzo was the one who gave Judge advice when he became a free agent.”

“Every team wanted a jersey,” Rizzo said. I remember having a conversation with him. I wanted to be with Judge. I get along well with my family too. We maintain a good relationship,” he said, introducing his relationship with Judge.

Judge now captains the Yankees. I try to put into practice what I have learned by watching Rizzo at close range. I am determined to approach the players first and help them adapt. “I want to get familiar with all the players who have just been called up or who have been traded to the team. Please come anytime if you have any questions or need anything. We are all on the same team, working together.”

On the net Sports Betting Points You need to know

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I can’t see ML Keystone Combi in Arizona… Steel Magic Confidence “It’s better”

“It went better.”

Major League Keystone combination Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) and Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals) cannot join the Arizona spring camp of the Korean national baseball team. According to WBC regulations, major leaguers can join from the official practice and practice schedule set by the Major League Secretariat.

The baseball team will hold a spring camp at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona from the 15th of next month (US time) and train until the 27th. Afterwards, he returned to Korea and trained for a while at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, then moved to Japan according to the schedule for the first round of the WBC, went through an official practice game in Osaka, and entered the Tokyo Dome, the place of the decisive battle.

All members of the national team, except Kim Ha-sung and Edmund, will join the Arizona spring camp. Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates), whose joining has not yet been decided, is also not expected to come to Arizona when the final decision is made to join the national team.

Major leaguers join the training that will be held in Gocheok and match hands and feet with KBO leaguers. Unexpectedly, it means that the time for major leaguers and KBO leaguers to train together is short. However, national team coach Lee Kang-cheol said it was okay. Even Kim Ha-seong said, “It’s better.”

On the afternoon of the 27th, director Lee and Ha-seong Kim boarded a plane to LA together. Kim Ha-seong will be training individually in Peoria, Arizona for the time being, before joining the San Diego spring camp in the middle of next month. During this period, Ha-seong Kim trains in San Diego and naturally trains to hit the ball of major league pitchers.

This is the positive factor of Kim Ha-seong’s late joining, which director Lee saw. “It was even better,” said Lee. If you hit the fast balls of major league pitchers, it can be more helpful.” There are good pitchers in the national team, but it is true that Kim Ha-seong benefits in many ways by raising his batting pace to match the balls of major league pitchers.

Ha-seong Kim said, “Director Kang-cheol Lee told me to make myself well. He said he was confident. There are many people who are worried, but I will join 안전놀이터 Gocheok so that I can show good condition. Communication with Korean colleagues is also no problem. It wouldn’t be bad to hit the balls of major league pitchers.”

In fact, Kim Ha-sung and Edmund also need time to work together. However, Kim Ha-seong is in the position that there is no big problem. Ha-seong Kim said, “There is nothing wrong with defense. If he goes to second base, he’ll have more range and play better. Edmund is also a very good player. If he catches a lot of out counts, it will also help the national team.”

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There is a reason why small market clubs invested a large amount, will they live up to the expectations of MLB’s No. 1 prospect?

Wander Franco (22), who signed a long-term contract by pouring a large amount of money into the Tampa Bay Rays, a major league small market club, is receiving favorable reviews. Will he be able to live up to expectations this season?

On the 27th (Korean time),, the official homepage of the Major League Baseball, selected players who are expected to perform best for each club in the 2023 season. Franco was selected for Tampa Bay. It is expected to record a WAR of 5.5.

The media said, “Franco missed many games last season due to injury, but in 83 games on the ground, the 21-year-old genius lived up to the hype of being ranked as the number one prospect in all of MLB. He thinks he’ll be in the top 10 in the major leagues for the 2023 season. He will have a 먹튀검증 133wRC+, 16 homers, 10 stolen bases, and a low strikeout rate while playing full-time at shortstop.”

A native of the Dominican Republic, Franco joined Tampa Bay in 2017 as an international amateur free agent. He has consistently maintained the top spot in the major league top prospect rankings, and stepped onto the big league stage in 2021. In 70 games in his debut season, he recorded 81 hits, 7 homers, 39 RBIs, a batting average of 0.347, a slugging percentage of 0.463, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.810. He showed off his outstanding skills.

Franco finished a splendid debut season. Tampa Bay offered a long-term contract to a young player who had not played full-time for a year. Tampa Bay, which is rumored to be one of the leading small market clubs in the big leagues, was different for Franco. Signed a long-term contract worth up to 12 years and $223 million.

2022, the first year after the mega deal was concluded. Franco missed 83 games due to injury. He had 87 hits, 6 home runs, a batting average of 0.277, a slugging percentage of 0.417, and an OPS of 0.745. He is Franco, who has never played full-time, but it is expected that he will be able to achieve better results if he plays full-time in a healthy state.

On the same day, the media picked the top 10 by position, and Franco was ranked 10th in the shortstop category. Trey Turner of the Philadelphia Phillies ranked first, Carlos Correa of ​​the Minnesota Twins ranked second, and Xander Bogaerts of the San Diego Padres ranked third.

It is only natural that expectations for Franco will rise as the popularity continues. Will Franco be able to work full-time for the first time since his debut this year?

On-line Sports Betting

Gambling has been around for centuries. In fact, it is so pervasive in society that it can be considered a part of human modern society. From the ancient Romans to the ancient Chinese to modern civilizations, gambling has actually been an aspect of the pile. In fact, even the most famous of various monarchs are known to have gambled, and some have become addicted to it. Today , it can be seen that many people from all over the world are visiting the internet due to online casino ranking betting.

That’s what the big gambling and gambling websites do. They load their site with articles and content about compulsive gambling and how to quit gambling online. They offer tips and advice on how to give up gambling on the same site. Even the same page promotes gambling sites. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have this kind of responsibility. It’s actually a noble gesture to help people with serious gambling problems. Far from it.

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But when you get to that, the treatment is up to the casino. Whether it’s an activity or an addiction is ultimately their decision. In the condition of maintaining recreational activity, betting actions can yield huge profits. But when it gets too serious, the lousy . “Being able to quit if necessary creates a worse condition called addiction.

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Of course, betting on the suit will give you a higher return on your bet, but betting on the color will give you a 50:50 in terms of winning and multiply your wins.

Jeong Seung-won, “Rumours? It’s not true… I will help Suwon more this year”

Jeong Seung-won denied the rumors that had recently emerged and told the story to the fans.

On the 27th, Suwon Samsung held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp at Shilla Stay Jeju, located in Jeju City. Head coach Lee Byeong-geun and Suwon players attended and revealed their preparations for the season and their aspirations.

Jeong Seung-won also participated. Jeong Seung-won is a player who made his name known in Daegu FC. Many fans fell in love with his flowery beauty, which could be called an idol, and his dedication to playing and his influence in the overall game. He was consistently selected for the national team by age group, and he built a reputation in Daegu by showing improvement every season. He has been playing for Suwon since the 2022 season.

Apart from his looks and skills, he is also a player with many stories outside of football. Jeong Seung-won, who overcame the controversy, has been plagued by rumors of discord recently. Jeong Seung-won, who said he was fake news, said in an interview that he was only focusing on preparing for the season. At the end of last season, when Suwon was fighting for relegation, he was unable to help, so he seemed determined to put more effort into this season.

Were you injured at the end of last season?

  • The recovery went well. He is receiving good treatment and managing diligently. I really wanted to play last year, but it was diagnosed that my muscles would be torn more and the breakaway period could be longer, so I couldn’t. It was a great regret. I couldn’t play, but this year I recovered well and I’m participating in all the training, so it’s encouraging.

How would you rate winter training so far?

  • The training intensity was high from Geoje Island. It was very hard and my body was heavy, but I am resting well now. After coming to Jeju Island and seeing the condition myself, I feel that it is getting better. I’ll add a little more Expectations are high as other players seem to be the same.

A lot of players entered the same position.

  • Joining a competitor in soccer is an unavoidable part. don’t think big It is right for players in good condition to play in every situation. The fact that good players come in means that the reinforcement of power is going well.

What role do you think you will be given?

  • Recently, I have been trying to figure out how to organize tactically and where to position myself. During training, I am concentrating on setting up a formation, when to attack, and in this case, to come in as a defense. There are times when I play a lot aggressively, but when I need to play defensively, I also position myself to come down and defend.
  • Played many positions. I watch the midfielder, watch the defense, and watch the wing forward. I am trying to match as many as possible.

If you think about it assuming that you play aggressively, it would be regrettable that Oh Hyun-gyu was omitted.

  • It’s a pity that a good player left. He really helped the team a lot. Still, he decides it’s a good thing because he’s gone to grow further. It’s even better because all the fans think that way. I hope you will accept it positively. The remaining players must unite. Wouldn’t it be better if we fit in better and have better organizational skills to fill the void?

I suffer a lot from a lot of rumors.

  • I think rumors are rumors. There is no clear evidence and content that has not been published in articles comes out in the community or in places like this, but general fans believe it. As a result, rumors become truth and only worsen my image. The recent rumors of a feud are absolutely not true. I’ve never done anything like that.

would be negatively affected.

  • Not only me, but several players suffer from rumors. It doesn’t take a huge hit. Still, it definitely has an impact. What I really want to say is that I don’t want fans to fall for such rumors too much. I hope you do.

How would you convey your season aspirations to the fans?

-Last year, both the players and the fans, it was very difficult. 메이저놀이터 Fortunately, I survived and stayed, but I want to have a better season this year. To be honest, I didn’t do very well last year. I hope that personally and the team will achieve good results, so that the fans will be happy and the players will have a good year.

No business in front of sluggish… Infielder from GG goes to DET with minor contract

Gold Glove (GG) second baseman Cesar Hernandez (33) wears a Detroit uniform.

John Heyman of the New York Post reported on the 27th (Korean time) that Hernandez has signed a minor league contract with the Detroit Tigers. Hernandez will be invited to the big league spring camp and compete to enter the roster.

Hernandez from Venezuela has a batting average of 0.267 with 71 homers and 369 RBIs in his 10 years of big league career. He also won the 2020 American League Gold Glove for second baseman playing for the Cleveland Indians (now the Cleveland Guardians). In 2021, he appeared in 149 games for the Cleveland and Chicago White Sox, batting .232 with 21 home runs and 62 RBI. Although he does not have a high batting average or on-base percentage, he is evaluated as an infielder with one-hit power.

Hernandez was extremely underperforming with the Washington Nationals last year. In 147 games, he had a batting average of .248 with one home run and 34 RBIs. He had a combined OPS of on-base percentage (0.311) and slugging percentage (0.318) of just 0.629. After the season, he was released as a free agent (FA) to seek a new team, but had to settle for a minor league contract as he did not receive a major league offer. 슬롯사이트

Detroit has Jonathan Scoop as their second base resource. Whether or not Scoop’s position will move to third base has yet to be determined. Depending on how Hernandez performs in spring camp, manager AJ Hinch’s plan may change.

Only 1 out of 51 contracts… Lee Young-ha negotiates after school violence trial

Doosan Bears classified Lee Young-ha, the ‘ace of 17 wins’, as an uncontracted pending player. After completing all ongoing school violence trials, it was decided to proceed with negotiations. 

Doosan Bears announced in a press release on the 26th that “We have completed contracts with 50 out of 51 candidates for annual salary renewals for the 2023 season.” Key players include pitchers Kwak Bin and Jeong Cheol-won, who made their debuts with salaries of 100 million won for the first time thanks to their performance last year, infielder Kang Seung-ho with 200 million won, and pitcher Hong Kun-hee with 300 million won. 

Doosan did not negotiate an annual salary with one out of 51 contract renewal candidates. Lee Young-ha, who once made a name for himself as a 17-win ace, was unable to sign a contract for the 2023 season as he has been in a legal battle since September of last year regarding allegations of school violence in the past.

In February 2021, Lee Young-ha was caught up in the #MeToo incident of school violence after a revelation was posted on an online community that he and Kim Dae-hyun (LG) had been subjected to school violence during high school.

The #MeToo incident of school violence between the two players, which had been quiet for a while, recently re-ignited when the victim reported them to the Center for Sports Ethics. Afterwards, a decision was made to refer him to trial along with the police investigation, and Lee Young-ha appeared at the Seoul Western District Court three times as a defendant, starting with the first trial in September last year, the second trial in December, and the third trial this month. Lee Young-ha could not climb the mound for the first team after the SSG match on August 13 last year.

Lee Young-ha’s trial entered a prolonged phase. The trial is getting longer as the prosecution adopts additional witnesses. In the third trial on the 20th, two additional witnesses were requested, and the fourth trial was held on March 3. Victims and witnesses testify about the damage suffered by Lee Young-ha, and Lee Young-ha continues to deny the facts of the prosecution. 

Of course, there is a principle of presumption of innocence, but it is burdensome to prepare for the season when both the Doosan club and Lee Young-ha are on trial. In addition, the 4th trial was set for March 3, and joining the Australian spring camp was also canceled. 카지노 Lee Young-ha plans to train in Icheon for the time being and prepare for the season and trials at the same time. 

Lee Young-ha’s legal representative expects a sentencing in May or June at the earliest. Lee Young-ha can sign an annual salary contract with the club at any time, and if he builds his body well, he can return to the ground along with the contract. Again, the key is the outcome of the trial. He must be acquitted so he can come up with a concrete return plan. 

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop came up with a mound for the first half of the 2023 season without Lee Young-ha. 

‘Second Coming of DB Acid?’ DB beats KOGAS and runs for 3 consecutive wins

Acting manager Kim Joo-seong’s DB ran 3 consecutive victories.

Wonju DB won 71-65 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 26th. DB has prepared a stepping stone for the mid-level jump by running for the first three consecutive wins after acting coach Kim Joo-seong took the command tower.

Kang Sang-jae made a big success with 18 points, 2 rebounds and 3 steals, while Lee Seon Albano and Dewan Hernandez also scored 15 and 12 points, respectively, leading the team to victory. DB, who had a season record of 15 wins and 20 losses, ranked 7th alone with Suwon KT and riding.

DB gave a slight lead to Gas Corporation in the first quarter. Kang Sang-jae led the team’s offense with 9 points, but could not block Lee Dae-sung and Murphy Holloway’s one-two punch. DB finished the first quarter at 18-21.

Park Chan-hee hit a 3-point shot to balance the game at the start of the second quarter. Park Chan-hee took on the role of a game changer on defense, stealing the ball from Lee Dae-sung and then succeeding in a quick lay-up. Dewan Hernandez, who was brought in as a substitute in the second quarter, scored in the paint zone by exploding a fast dunk.

It was a DB that found vitality in defense as well. He was unable to widen his lead due to Kim Jong-gyu’s missed rebound and careless boxing out, but Kang Sang-jae and Kim Hyun-ho harassed the opponent with their tenacious defense. DB, who scored 7 points in the second quarter alone, headed to the locker room with a 40-33 lead.

In the third quarter, DB’s performance cooled off. DB struggled on defense, committing 4 team fouls in 3 minutes and 13 seconds. He did the same on offense. There was no scoring for 3 minutes and 40 seconds until Hernandez’s mid-range jumper exploded.

Chased by one point in the middle of the third quarter, acting manager Kim Joo-seong put out the urgent fire through a timeout. After the timeout, Hernandez’s exciting dunk broke DB, and Leonard Freeman and Albano succeeded in a series of quick attacks following the steal, repelling the gas corporation’s pursuit. DB took a 57-49 lead by exploding 11 points, including two steals from Freeman, in 1 minute and 48 seconds after the timeout. 토토사이트

DB’s concentration, which continued from the end of the 3rd quarter, also shone in the 4th quarter. DB, who started the 4th quarter with Kim Hyun-ho’s hustle play and Freeman’s putback score, blocked KOGAS’s attack with 3 points for about 6 minutes. In the offense, Kang Sang-jae, Park Chan-hee, and Kim Jong-gyu scored, and with 4 minutes and 3 seconds left, Albano succeeded in a fast-attack layup following a solo run, resulting in a 67-52 victory.

There was also a crisis. DB was also chased by a single-digit score difference, such as giving away 3 points in a row to Jeong Hyo-geun, who came in as a substitute. However, Leonard Freeman and Choi Seung-wook blocked the opponent’s shot, and Albano’s fast break scored following a steal to seal the game.

On the other hand, KOGAS struggled with Lee Dae-seong with 21 points, but his teammates’ support shots were insufficient.