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Women’s volleyball upsets U.S., loses fourth straight Olympic qualifier

The women’s national volleyball team (ranked 36th in the world), led by head coach Cesar Hernández González (46-Spain), lost to the United States (3rd) by a set score of 1-3 (25-20 17-25 19-25 17-25) after 1 hour and 40 minutes in the fourth match of the preliminary round of the tournament in Łódź, Poland, on Tuesday (local time).

In the first set, the Korean wing attackers Kang So-hwi (26-GS Caltex) and Pyo Seung-ju (31-IBK Corporate Bank) were on par with their counterparts from the United States. With the score tied at 19-19, they scored the next three points to erase the deficit. They then gave up a point to the USA, but scored three in a row to take the set.

In the second set, Korea continued their momentum and kept the Americans on their toes until the midway point. They pressed hard and managed to tie the game at 16-17. However, they gave up five consecutive points to lose the momentum and eventually lose the set.

Lack of concentration in the deciding game In the third and fourth sets, Korea surrendered early leads and had to play a desperate game to catch up with the Americans. In the final set, they looked physically exhausted and at one point were down by 11-22 double points before finally putting their heads down.

Kang So-hwi led the team with 13 points, while Pyo Seung-ju added 11 points. Sophomore middle blocker Jeong Ho-young (22-Kwanjang, South Korea) added 10 points, including four blocks.

However, they once again faced the high walls of the world, as they were outplayed across the board in offensive metrics, including attacking (48-56), blocking (5-11), and serving (2-5) by the United States.

It was South Korea’s fourth straight loss in the tournament, having previously been brought to their knees by Italy (5th), Poland (7th), and Germany (12th).

South Korea is in Group C of the qualifiers alongside Italy, Poland, Germany, the United States, Colombia (22nd), Thailand (14th) and Slovenia (28th). They need to finish in the top two out of eight teams to advance to the main stage in Paris. Currently, Italy and the United States are 1-2 in the group with four wins apiece. 먹튀검증 South Korea cannot finish second in the group even if they win all three of their remaining matches.

A total of 12 teams will compete in the women’s volleyball competition at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The top two teams from each of the tournament’s three pools (Groups A through C) will qualify for six spots, plus host France.

The remaining five spots will go to the top-ranked teams in the world, with priority given to continents without a qualifying team. Currently, China (No. 6) is ranked second in Group A and Japan (No. 8) is ranked first in Group B. Not only do they have a good chance of qualifying for next year’s Olympic Games, but South Korea is also ranked relatively low in the Asian region, making it virtually impossible for them to secure a ticket.

’11-1-1 in the first half → 0-2-2 in the second half’ LG ace disappeared from the first team…re-signing took place in the midterms

11-1 in 17 games in the first half to 0-2 in four games in the second half. Can the polarizing Adam Plutko pull off the final arrow?

LG Twins Plutko was the team’s “ace” in the first half. While Casey Kelly, the team’s No. 1 starter, struggled, Plutko pitched dominantly. This is his second year in the KBO. His 15-5 record with a 2.39 ERA last year was his best yet, leading to a well-deserved re-signing. And in the first half of this year, Plutko was the clear “ace in the hole” for LG’s first-place run. LG’s starting rotation was also reorganized around Plutko.

However, things started to creak at the end of the first half. The original plan was to rest him around the All-Star break, but a confluence of factors, including the COVID-19 outbreak and rain cancelations, led to a significant gap between starts. On July 8, he pitched against the Lotte Giants (6 innings, 3 runs), then against the KT Wiz (6 innings, 3 runs) on July 25, and then again on August 15 against the Samsung Lions (5⅓ innings, 4 runs).

On August 26, while pitching four innings and one run against the NC Dinos, Plutko was pulled from the game after complaining of discomfort in his inner thigh adductor muscle. A medical examination revealed a left pelvic contusion. He was expected to miss a month, and that month is now almost over.

Plutko”s injury isn”t serious. However, if he can’t get rid of the discomfort completely, he won’t be able to make a 100% healthy return. Of course, the waiting game is tough. LG currently has a comfortable lead in the standings and will likely win the regular season barring an upset, but that doesn’t mean they have a lot of depth in their starting lineup. As someone who is looking at the next step more than winning the regular season, I would like to hold on to three solid starting cards, but the fact that Plutko, who was supposed to be the number one starter, is not fully healthy, only increases my worries. 메이저사이트

The earliest Plutko could return is the beginning of October. Coach Yeom Kyung-yup said, “I told Plutko to get fit as soon as possible and come back. He must come back before the beginning of October. He should make two or three appearances at the end of the regular season and enter the postseason,” Yong said. “If the regular season doesn’t go well, or if he only pitches one game and then goes into the postseason, I’m not going to use him. You have to pitch two or three games and be ready for the postseason,” he said emphatically.

The size of Plutko’s contract will depend on how he performs at the end of the season. With the team in desperate need of an “ace” to win a championship, there’s a lot at stake in terms of when he’ll be fully healthy and able to throw the ball like he did in the first half.

Kane, SON face, ‘Tottenham disaster’ cubed, why did you shake?

Why did he quiver?

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has revealed that there is a buy-back clause in Harry Kane’s (Bayern Munich) contract. Kane hasn’t left Tottenham for good.

Recently, Kane went on a rant that broke the hearts of Tottenham fans. Fans felt he was letting off steam by leaving the team. However, Kane’s comments were flippant when he could be returning to Spurs after 2027. It is doubtful that he will be able to win back the fans who have turned against him.

Kane has been a Tottenham one-club man since 2011. While he was recognized as one of the world’s best strikers, Spurs were a mediocre mid-table club without a single major trophy.

Kane eventually moved to Bayern in August to try and win a title.

It was an interview Kane gave after spending a month at Bayern that became a problem. Kane bluntly stated that Tottenham was not competitive compared to Bayern.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Kane said, “Ultimately, to progress, you have to play at the highest level. You have to fight for titles in the Champions League,” Kane said, adding that he wants to win the Champions League. Tottenham finished eighth in the Premier League last season. They didn’t even qualify for the European competition itself, let alone win the Champions League.

According to the Independent, Kane added: “Of course the Tottenham players want to win, but it wouldn’t be a disaster if they lost a few games. Bayern have to win every game,” he said, comparing Tottenham to a club that wants to win and Bayern to a club that has to win 카지노사이트.

Angry fans flocked to Kane’s social media. Kane’s social media was in shambles.

Coincidentally, Kane had posted congratulations to Kyle Walker on his debut goal for England that day. England had just drawn 1-1 with Ukraine in a Euro2024 qualifier.

Tottenham fans responded with comments such as “Isn’t this a disaster if you don’t win?”, “This isn’t Bayern, so it’s not a disaster if you don’t win”, “You’re the worst”, “You didn’t need that interview with the club where you spent your prime”, “Don’t forget that Tottenham brought you up”, and “Spurs fans will lose all respect for you”.

Despite Kane’s sniping, Spurs are off to a great start for the 2023-2024 season. New head coach Enzi Postecoglou’s attacking tactics seem to be working well. Spurs have won four in a row after an opening day draw. With four wins and one draw, they are fourth in the Premier League.

Just 10 days after his ‘disastrous comments’, Kane has changed his demeanor.

“I’m generally someone who always watches most of the football. So I watch the highlights of the Premier League. The Premier League is the football I’ve watched my whole life. I enjoy it because it’s what I’m going to be watching,” he said, adding that he’s naturally keeping an eye on Tottenham.

“Tottenham have started the season well. They’re great,” he said, sounding both satisfied and excited.

While fans were confused by Kane’s on-again, off-again behavior, Levy announced the buyback.

As reported by sports media outlet ‘The Athletic’ on the 20th (KST), Levy attended a Tottenham fan forum on the same day and revealed that Kane has a buy-back clause.

A buy-back is a contract that allows a player to return to his parent team for a certain amount of money when he is sold to another club. It’s akin to a “long-term loan” rather than a permanent parting of ways. Kane’s contract with Bayern runs through the 2026-2027 season. If Tottenham triggers a buy-back in the summer of 2027, Kane would have to return.

“We have a buy-back clause for Kane,” Levy said. We have a buy-back clause for Kane,” Levy said. If the buy-back is triggered, Kane could return to Tottenham in 2027, when his contract with Bayern ends, in his age 34 season.

We can’t help but wonder how Tottenham fans feel about Kane.

Will Kim Seung-ki be able to pick the rookie he wants?

Sono coach Kim Seung-ki has three rookies in mind. Can he select two of them?

On Thursday, each team’s picks for the 2023 KBL Rookie Draft were finalized. Changwon LG and Goyang Sono, who reached the quarterfinals together last season, were evenly matched. LG earned the third pick, while Sono slipped to the eighth pick.

Coach Kim Seung-ki has been hoping for a top pick in this year’s rookie draft since last season, as the team needs a solid roster for a bright future.

Considering LG’s third-ranked pick, it wasn’t in vain, but unlike his time with KGC Ginseng Corporation (now Chung Kwan-jang), he wasn’t as lucky.

Kim Seung-ki watched the players in the draft from a young age, around the same age as his second son, Kim Dong-hyun (KCC). He has a more accurate picture of the players’ skills.

While he was disappointed to see his pick drop to No. 8, he still had players in mind that he wanted to take with that pick.

“The players who will be picked 1-3 are A-grade players who lack one or two things out of 10,” says Kim. The rest of the players have five or more deficiencies. We need to fill them. If you go below that, you have one or two. If you have one or two, you can use them,” he said. “Even if you only have one or two, we want to grow them and make them like Moon Sung-gon and Jeon Sung-hyun. Lee Jung-hyun filled two of the 10 deficiencies, strength and leading. The players I’m going to pick this time are either lacking five or have one or two. Even if they have one or two, they can use them on the court.”

Yoo Jae-hak, the former head coach of Hyundai Mobis, also had a strong tendency to select rookies based on their one or two strengths rather than their deficiencies. His reasoning is similar to Kim’s.

Two of the players he has in mind are higher than his first-round picks. Looking at the current projected rankings, one of them could be available at #8.

The other isn’t even a second-round candidate in scouts’ projections. However, the upside is clear. Kim already has an idea in his head of how he would use the player if he were to select him.

Kim Seung-ki took the unexpectedly high 14th pick in last year’s draft and used it to good effect 스포츠토토.

‘Population 1.4 billion derby’ China defeats India 5-1…”No. 1 in world population, and this is it?” mocks

China and India, two countries with a combined population of 1.4 billion, faced off, and China came out on top.

China defeated India 5-1 in their Group A match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China, on Monday afternoon (Aug. 19).

The home team struck first. After dominating from the start, China opened the scoring in the 17th minute through Gao Tianyi. He rattled the net with a precise left-footed finish off a loose ball from a corner kick.

India equalized. In first-half stoppage time, Rahul Kanoli Praveen equalized with a powerful right-footed shot after cutting in from the right side of the box. There was no angle, but the ball found its way between the goalkeeper and the post.

At this rate, they would be humiliated in front of their home fans. However, China stroked their pride with a three-goal surge in the second half. In the sixth minute of the second half, Dai Weichun’s daring mid-range effort from distance found the back of the net.

China continued to fire off goal after goal to seal the victory. Dao Qianrong drove a wedge into the game with a multi-goal performance. He made it 3-1 in the 27th minute when he slotted home a mid-range shot that was deflected by the keeper, and three minutes later he finished with his knee after falling over a cross from the right.

The scoring continued for China in second-half stoppage time. Fang Hao’s diagonal shot from the right side of the box hit the left post and bounced into the back of the net, and he celebrated by performing the trademark “SIUUUU” celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some Chinese fans rejoiced in the victory over India, the world’s most populous country. “Can’t you find 11 people playing soccer in the most populous country in the world?” one fan scoffed on, while others said, “India is following in China’s footsteps,” and “India has more people than us. It just goes to show that it’s harder to find 11 people.”

“It’s a struggle. There are almost 3 billion people in the world, and there are less than 24 people who can play soccer well…” and “This is amazing. They beat India by a big score. China is expected to win the World Cup,” and other self-help comments. 토토사이트

‘Lee Kang-in 20th minute substitute to Hangzhou, China’, Mbappe PK winner for PSG…they beat Dortmund 2-0 to ‘start escape from Group of Death’

Paris Saint-Germain get off to a flying start in the Champions League Group of Death. Kylian Mbappe found the back of the net to give Paris Saint-Germain the lead for good. Lee Kang-in also came on as a substitute.

Paris Saint-Germain defeated Dortmund 2-0 on Matchday 1 of the UEFA Champions League 2023-24 at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France, at 4 a.m. ET on Tuesday.

Paris Saint-Germain are drawn in Group F of the Champions League this season. They were drawn in the “Group of Death” with Dortmund, AC Milan, and Newcastle United. However, they got off to a flying start by winning their first group game.

Paris Saint-Germain fielded a trio of Mbappe, Kolo Mouani, and Dembele. Emery, Ugarte, and Vitinha coordinated the attack and defense from the back, with Luca Hernandez, Shkriniar, Marquinhos, and Hakimi at the back. Donnarumma was in goal, while Lee Kang-in, recovering from a quadriceps injury, started on the bench.

Dortmund pounded Paris Saint-Germain with the Adeyemi and Malen duo. Brandt, Emre Can, and Savitser paced the midfield. Larsson and Wolf added activity at wingback to add to the flanking numbers battle. In defense were Schlotterback, Hummels, and Zulehle, with Kovel in goal.

The two teams traded blows early on in a star-studded affair. Paris Saint-Germain centered around Mbappe and pounded Dortmund. Dortmund played more long balls than short passes, hitting the space behind Paris Saint-Germain, who played high up the line. Mbappe even had one shot on target, aimed at Hummels’ head, from a corner kick about eight minutes after kickoff.

Dortmund suffered an injury before the midway point of the first half. Despite the power leak, he still managed to send a chill down Paris Saint-Germain’s spine with a threatening shot. Paris Saint-Germain tried to take the initiative by pressing quickly in the midfield when Dortmund had the ball, with Mbappe leading the attack with a lively run near the free-roll. Dortmund made a penetrating pass, but Luca Hernandez cleared the ball off the line.

However, it was Dortmund who threatened more often. Witsel increased his activity, looking for openings in the Paris Saint-Germain defense. Emre Can also intermittently came close to the box and knocked on the door of the PSG goal. Paris Saint-Germain continued their frustrating attack, with Mbappe failing to create much of a chance. There were no passes from the waist into the half-space, and they often played the ball down the flanks.

Paris Saint-Germain didn’t even manage to get a shot on target from a corner kick. Dortmund counterattacked immediately after the ball was cleared, only to be caught by the Paris Saint-Germain backline. Paris Saint-Germain had the better of the possession, but their players were not organized. Dortmund pounded the right flank of Paris Saint-Germain, who were boldly moving forward, getting the ball into the box.

Paris Saint-Germain increased their shots on goal beyond the 35th minute. Mbappe, then Dembele, switched positions and took aim at the Dortmund goal. The shot was sharp, but it didn’t beat the Dortmund keeper. In the 40th minute, a ball struck Dortmund’s Zulehle in the arm on a corner kick and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) reviewed the play for a penalty. However, there was no intent to handball and no penalty was awarded. Dembele’s run up the pitch in the closing stages of the first half didn’t have much of an impact.

Paris Saint-Germain created a chance on the counterattack in the first minute of the second half. A Hakimi cross was met by a Dembele shot that caught Zouleh’s arm and a penalty was awarded. The referee took a second look with the video assistant referee (VAR) and the penalty was awarded without question. Mbappe slotted the ball past the Dortmund goalkeeper to give Paris Saint-Germain their first Champions League goal and the lead.

Dortmund took a step back after conceding the opening goal to Paris Saint-Germain. They were unable to maintain the same vigorous pressing and attacking tempo as in the first half. Paris Saint-Germain quickly regained possession with organized pressure on the Dortmund flank. In the 12th minute of the second half, Paris Saint-Germain added another goal. After advancing into the Dortmund half, Hakimi played a one-two with Vitinha and calmly struck an outside kick from inside the box that rattled the net.

Dortmund tried to attack Paris Saint-Germain with passing and movement, but they couldn’t get past Hakimi’s defensive wall. Paris Saint-Germain played a quick pass down the flank to Kolo Moani, who couldn’t get a touch on the ball. Dortmund brought on veteran midfielder Marco Reus to shake things up.

Dortmund tried to play aggressive penetrating passes and press forward after Royce’s introduction, but were unable to penetrate the Paris Saint-Germain backline and lost possession. With more space, the French trio (Kolo Moani, Dembele, and Mbappe) continued to attack Dortmund. In the 21st minute of the second half, Dortmund’s Royce had to swallow his disappointment when his shot bounced off Emre Can.

Lee Kang-in came on as a substitute in the 25th minute with 20 minutes to go in regulation time. Upon entering the fray, he attempted one pass to lubricate the Paris Saint-Germain attack. Although he was deployed on the flank, Lee was involved in the attacking midfield and exchanged passes with Mbappe. Paris Saint-Germain regained the initiative by breaking up Dortmund pressing and attacking with fluid passing. Lee’s steady ball-keeping and link-up play helped Paris Saint-Germain secure their first win in the Champions League.

For a while now, Paris Saint-Germain has had a superstar-studded team in Europe. From Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Lionel Messi, they’ve collected some of the best players in Europe. This summer, however, they changed course and turned to younger, more promising players.

There was also a conflict with key player Mbappe. He signed a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain last summer when his contract was about to expire. He signed a 2+1 year deal, with a one-year option for an extension that Mbappe could exercise. However, Mbappe did not want to re-sign until 2025.

Mbappe has until July 31 to exercise his option for a one-year extension. Mbappe has already informed Paris Saint-Germain that he will not renew his contract at the end of the 2023-24 season. Mbappe’s silence means he can officially negotiate with other clubs under the Bosman Rule next January and leave as a free agent in the summer.

Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi said: “I am shocked to learn that Mbappe will leave the club as a free agent next season. Mbappe’s decision could weaken France’s biggest club. I’m really disappointed. I have to make a decision in the next two weeks. If I don’t sign a new contract, the door is open for me to leave,” he said in an official statement.

Fabrizio Romano pointed out that “Paris Saint-Germain believe they have reached a preliminary agreement with Mbappe”. Mbappe is disappointed with the decision to leave the club as a free agent next season. “Paris Saint-Germain have decided to sell Mbappe this summer,” according to multiple sources, including British publication The Guardian.

Global sports outlet The Athletic also reported that “Paris Saint-Germain want a transfer fee of more than 100 million euros ($141.1 million) to sign Mbappe this summer. For now, Paris Saint-Germain have left Mbappe out of their tour of Japan and have put him on the transfer market.”

Since they can’t sell Mbappe for zero next summer, they have resorted to appeasement. “Paris Saint-Germain has offered Mbappe a 10-year, €1 billion ($1.4 trillion) contract,” said Forbes, an American publication. If Mbappe accepts the offer, it would be the largest in sports history.” However, Mbappe did not respond to the offer.

Paris Saint-Germain then took a hard line. He played in the first match of the preseason, but did not join the team for the tour of Japan. When Paris Saint-Germain announced the 29-man squad for the tour on their official website, Mbappe’s name was nowhere to be found.

The club has pulled Mbappe from its new sponsor’s main model. “Paris Saint-Germain have removed Mbappe’s picture from their new sponsor poster,” wrote Madrid Universal. The club has made it clear that if he doesn’t sign a new contract, he won’t play for them next season.”

As Paris Saint-Germain and Mbappe drifted apart, a huge offer from Saudi Arabia came in. According to French publication L’Equipe, “Mbappe did not participate in any talks with the Al-Hilal negotiating delegation that was in Paris. Al-Hilal offered Paris Saint-Germain a transfer fee of €300 million (about KRW 42.3 billion).”

Paris Saint-Germain accepted Al Hilal’s offer, but “Mbappe’s representatives blatantly refused to hold discussions with Al Hilal’s negotiators. This means that Mbappe is not considering a move to Saudi Arabia. Al Hilal had agreed to pay Mbappe a total of 700 million euros ($987.5 million) in salary for one year. However, Mbappe refused to have any conversations with Al Hilal. He rejected the move to Saudi Arabia outright. Mbappe’s current favorite team is Real Madrid. Al Hilal were authorized to discuss a transfer with Mbappe when Paris Saint-Germain made a €300 million bid, but nothing came back to the table.”

The total of the transfer fee and salary adds up to 1.42 trillion. However, Mbappe refused to show his face to Al Hilal’s negotiators.

Global sports outlet ESPN also reported that “Al Hilal’s representatives made a move to sign Mbappe, but the player rejected the offer. Al Hilal are in Paris to sign Brazilian striker Maucombe, but Mbappe will not meet with officials. Al Hilal made a record bid of €300 million ($426.8 million) for Mbappe,” the report said.

“Mbappe will receive a €80 million bonus if he stays at Paris Saint-Germain this year. Paris Saint-Germain are leaning towards selling Mbappe now rather than letting him walk when his contract expires next year.”

Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, added: “Mbappe has rejected a deal with Saudi Arabian side Al-Hilal. Al-Hilal offered Mbappe a fixed salary of 200 million euros ($282.1 million) and 100% image rights, but the offer went unanswered. Paris Saint-Germain are now convinced that Mbappe has a preliminary agreement with Real Madrid,” the source added.

“The end of the Real Madrid-Paris Saint-Germain drama is approaching, according to Spanish media outlet Marca. Real Madrid clearly hold the key to signing Mbappe. Paris Saint-Germain have agreed to sign him this summer if they offer €230 million. The deal could be finalized in a matter of days,” the report said.

“Mbappe believes it would be a big mistake to re-sign with Paris Saint-Germain. He has informed Paris Saint-Germain that he will not exercise his option to extend his contract until 2025. If he leaves for Real Madrid this summer, he will also forgo the bonus salary he is owed by Paris Saint-Germain.”

At the last minute, however, there were signs of reconciliation. The reason: French teammate Ousmane Dembele. “Dembele’s arrival has created a positive atmosphere for Mbappe,” the UK’s Mirror reported. In fact, Dembele and Mbappe watched the opening game on the pitch and had plenty to talk about. Mbappe decided to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, and the club announced his return to the first team.

Later in the day, Paris Saint-Germain announced the signing of Dembele on their official website. Dembele will wear the number 23 shirt for Paris Saint-Germain and has signed a five-year contract until 2028. “I’m very happy to join Paris Saint-Germain, I’m looking forward to playing in new colors and I hope I can continue to grow here and make all the club’s fans proud,” said Dembele on his arrival.

The announcement coincided with the release of Neymar, who had been rumored to be on the outs. Paris Saint-Germain announced their farewell to Neymar via the club’s official channels. After confirming the transfer to Al Hilal, the club sent a message of thanks, but the entire team and coaching staff said goodbye to Neymar at the club’s training center.

Photos and videos were released. Neymar approached his teammates warming up in the gym and high-fived them one by one. He did the same with Lee Kang-in, who was lying down and stretching.

Al Hilal announced the signing of Neymar on the club’s official channel with a message saying “fantastic talent is attracting everyone’s attention” and a short video. “I am here in Saudi Arabia. I am now an Al-Hilal player,” Neymar said, pointing to the Al-Hilal jersey emblem. Paris Saint-Germain also said goodbye to Neymar, reflecting on his career so far.

After missing the team’s preseason tour of Japan, Mbappe took the field as a substitute in the second round of the French Ligue 1. He looked like a key player as he energized a stifling Paris Saint-Germain side. He went on to prove his mettle in the Champions League.

Now, Lee will be leaving Paris Saint-Germain for a while and heading to Hangzhou in China. Coach Hwang Sun-hong and the federation have been in a tug-of-war over the release of key player Lee Kang-in. Since the Asian Games are not on the FIFA calendar, he needed permission from his club, Paris Saint-Germain.

French outlet L’Equipe said, “Lee Kang-in has been at the center of controversy in South Korea. But now he will finally compete in the Asian Games. He received permission from Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday. He will be traveling to China in the next few hours.”

“The decision was made through talks between the player, his agent and the Paris Saint-Germain club. Lee’s agent said, ‘We are grateful to the club for managing the situation and helping the player. We are all happy with the outcome,’ Lee said.”

European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano added: “As I understand it, Paris Saint-Germain have given the green light for Lee to be sent to the Asian Games. Paris Saint-Germain is expected to send Lee Kang-in to the 2023 Asian Games.”

The Korea Football Association said in a press release on the 15th, “As a result of discussions with Lee Kang-in’s club Paris Saint-Germain, it was finally agreed on the night of the 14th that Lee Kang-in will join the Asian Games team after the club’s home match against Dortmund in the European Champions League on the 19th local time in France. Lee will travel to Hangzhou, China, to join the Asian Games team on Sept. 20,” said a statement from the Korea Football Association. 소닉카지노

“The Korea Football Association received an email from Paris Saint-Germain on the 13th to allow Lee to join the Asian Games on the condition of rescheduling the Asian Cup, and discussed with the Paris club until late at night on the 14th, and finally received an official response from the Paris club on the 14th to allow Lee to join the Asian Games team on the 20th without any other preconditions,” the statement continued.

Local reports gave conflicting timings, with Leciffe saying he would be traveling to Hangzhou, China in the coming hours to focus on preparations for the Asian Games, while Le Parisien said he would join the team on the 23rd. According to the federation’s announcement, he will join the team on the 20th but will most likely play as a substitute against Thailand on the 21st. It would be unreasonable to expect him to play in the group stage of the Asian Games when he hasn’t even found his feet after arriving in China. As reported by Le Parisien, he is expected to play from the third match of the group stage.

Korean Weightlifting… A New History Every Step of the Way

The growth of the South Korean weightlifting team is frightening. The team has raised its medal hopes for the Hangzhou Asian Games with a string of strong performances in each weight class at the recently concluded World Weightlifting Championships. Park Hye-jung (20-Goyang City Hall) won three titles in the women’s heavyweight category, and on the final day of competition, Lee Ji-sang (29-Gyeongnam-do) broke Yong-sang Lee’s Korean record in the men’s heavyweight category 메이저놀이터.

Lee set a new Korean record with a lift of 241 kilograms in the third phase of the men’s 109 kilograms and above competition at the 2023 World Weightlifting Championships in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Monday (June 18). The weight set by the Korean Weightlifting Federation in 2018 for the men’s heaviest weight class was 240 kilograms, and Lee lifted 1 kilogram more than that, breaking a record that hadn’t been broken in five years.

Although he failed to win a medal, the fact that he broke the Korean record is a huge accomplishment as Korean weightlifting has been following the rest of the world in this weight class. With a lift of 175 kilograms (18th place), a snatch of 241 kilograms (6th place) and a total of 416 kilograms (8th place), Lee fell short of the record set by Olympic champion Rusha Talakadze (29-Georgia), who won this weight class with a lift of 220 kilograms, a snatch of 253 kilograms and a total of 473 kilograms.

The World Weightlifting Championships were a chance to see a lot of promise from Korean athletes, with Park Hye-jung (20-Goyang City Hall) achieving a feat not even Jang Jang-ran had accomplished in the women’s heavyweight category the day before. Park lifted 124 kilograms in the snatch, 165 kilograms in the jerk, and 289 kilograms in the total to win gold in all three categories. The victory was all the more special because it came against her most formidable competition, Olympic champion Li Wenyuan (CHN).

South Korea finished sixth overall with one gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. Including the medals won in the respective weight classes, the men’s and women’s teams totaled 18 medals. This is a significant improvement from last year’s Games in Bogota, Colombia, where the team totaled only three bronze medals.

Won Jong-beom (27-Gangwon Provincial Office) and Jang Yeon-hak (26-Asan City Hall) won silver medals in the men’s 96kg category, while Jeong Aram (25-Incheon City Hall) and Park Min-kyung (26-Gyeongbuk Development Corporation) won bronze in the women’s 87kg category. All but Park will return to the Asian Games.

With a strong showing, the team will now turn their attention to the Asian Games. South Korea hasn’t won a gold medal since Jang Jang-ran in the women’s middleweight category at the 2010 Guangzhou Games, so the team has been training with the intention of breaking the 13-year gold drought. The Asian Games weightlifting will be held from Sept. 30 to Oct. 7.

39-year-old veteran catcher could be a jersey collector? KS championship ring collector?

Can LG Twins veteran catcher Heo Do-hwan, 39, add another KS championship ring to his collection?

Heo Do-hwan, the KBO’s signature backup catcher and “Journeyman,” has been a big part of the LG Twins’ dominance this year. The team signed free agent Park Dong-won, and while Park has been the starting catcher, Heo’s presence cannot be ignored.

LG pulled off a 9-5 come-from-behind victory in the second game of a doubleheader against SSG in the 15th game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Jamsil Stadium on April 17. In the process, Heo Do-hwan was also involved.

With the bases loaded in the bottom of the fourth inning with his team leading 3-2, he took a three-pitch, 145-kilometer-per-hour fastball from SSG foreign left-hander Kirk McCarty for a solo home run over the left field fence.

After Heo Do-hwan’s solo shot, LG scored three more runs to take the win. LG has now won four in a row and is well on its way to consolidating first place. After the game, Heo Do-hwan said, “I feel good that the team won, and it’s even better that we won in a row.”

“The pitcher was good at throwing fastballs, so I only thought about the fastball, and I thought it would go over the fence the moment I hit it,” he reflected.

Through 36 games this season, Heo is batting .159 with two home runs and seven RBIs. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s exactly what LG needs this year. He is a player who is not just about hitting.

He’s a veteran of the game. He has a history of winning, especially on the big stage. His first professional team was Doosan. He was drafted by Doosan in 2003 and entered the professional scene. Since then, he has played for Nexen (now Kiwoom), Hanwha, SK (now SSG), and KT before coming to LG 먹튀검증.

In 2018, he was a member of SK’s Korean Series championship team, and in 2021, he was a member of KT’s unified championship team. He has two Korean Series championship rings.

He has six professional team jerseys with LG. You could say he’s a jersey collector. However, he can expect a third Korean Series ring this year. LG has a commanding lead in the standings. The chances of winning the regular season are very high. It’s practically booked.

If they go straight to the Korean Series and smile all the way, Heo will have his third Korean Series ring. After winning the KT championship, Heo became a free agent but flew under the radar. LG reached out to him with a two-year deal totaling 400 million won, and he took it and is on his way to the biggest stage once again.

Heo was a backup catcher at both SK and KT. At SK, Lee Jae-won was the starting catcher and led the team to the Korean Series title, but Heo Do-hwan was also there. At KT, there was Jang Sung-woo, but then there was Heo Do-hwan.

“It’s hard (not playing regularly), and it’s harder now that I’m older, but I think it’s something you have to do as a baseball player, and I think you have to do it more for the team,” said Heo, who hit his second home run of the season in the last SSG game. It’s not a role that draws a lot of attention, but he gets the job done.

“I’m very grateful to the fans, and I’m determined to stay in first place until the end of the season,” he said. It will be interesting to see if he can keep his promise and win his third Korean Series title this year.

‘Injury variable’ Kim Ha-seong, 0 for 9… Will he be the first Asian infielder to hit 20 home runs and 20 doubles?

Kim’s 20-homer, 20-double season is coming to an end.

The San Diego Padres’ Kim Ha-seong suffered a season-ending injury, putting a warning light on his quest for the record. The first Asian infielder to hit 20 home runs and 20 doubles, and the first Asian player to hit 20 home runs and 40 doubles, could be right around the corner.

Kim missed the game against the Oakland Athletics on Aug. 18 (KST). Manager Bob Melvin had planned to start Kim at first and second base, but changed the lineup just before the game.

With Kim out of the lineup, Matthew Batten started at second base. Kim was pulled from the game due to a sudden “abdominal pain. Kim underwent a medical examination, but the San Diego team didn’t have a clear cause until midnight on the 18th.

Local media reported before the game, “Kim Ha-seong was removed from the lineup due to abdominal pain. He is undergoing a medical examination to determine if the injury is muscular or internal.”

Afterward, Melvin said, “We ran tests and found nothing unusual, like appendicitis, which is a good thing,” adding, “We’re not 100% sure what it is right now. “We’re not 100% sure what it is right now, but I think we’ve probably ruled out anything more serious. Maybe it’s something he ate that caused him to become dehydrated. We’re not sure yet.”

“He also had a blood test, and we’ll have more information on the 19th,” he added. A simple stomach ache can make you feel better in a day.

[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (All rights reserved)

In 143 games this season, Kim is batting .356 with 17 home runs, 58 RBI, 81 runs scored, 36 stolen bases, a .407 on-base percentage and a .763 OPS. He’s having his best season in three years in the majors.

His hitting has gotten better and better, and his defense has been incredible, and he’s on pace to win a Gold Glove.

In terms of Wins Above Replacement (WAR), he ranks fifth in the National League with a bWAR of 5.7 according to Baseball Reference and 19th in the National League with a fWAR of 4.4 according to FanGraphs.

With three more home runs, he could become the second Korean player to reach the 20-homer, 20-double mark, joining Shin-Soo Choo. Additionally, no Asian infielder has ever recorded 20 home runs and 20 doubles in the major leagues. Kim could become the first 바카라.

With three more home runs and four more doubles, he could reach the historic 20-homer, 40-double milestone. No other Asian player, not even Japanese legend Ichiro, has accomplished this feat.

However, his attempts to reach the milestone were hampered by fatigue and unexplained stomach pains at the end of the season.

Kim was used as a top-of-the-order hitter in the second half of the season and became more active in the offense. Last year, Kim played shortstop (1092 innings) and third base (171⅓ innings), totaling 1263⅓ innings. This year, he’s moved to second base and rotated between second base (795⅔ innings), third base (245⅓ innings), and shortstop (137⅓ innings). Totaling 1178⅓ innings.

When Manny Machado (third base) and Xander Bogaerts (shortstop) were rested, Ha-Sung Kim played their positions and never had a day off. On the 13th, Kim was out of the starting lineup for the first time in 49 days, despite not being injured.

His stolen base attempts more than tripled from last year. He stole 36 bases, up from 12 last year. On April 16, he sprained his ankle on a slide while stealing second base, but he played the rest of the game without being replaced. The fatigue from playing defense and hustling on the basepaths every game was accumulating.

As a result, Kim’s hitting numbers have been plummeting in September. In 13 games in September, he’s batting 1-for-67 (9-for-54) with 0 home runs, 6 RBIs, 5 runs scored, 7 doubles, and a .417 OPS. Not a single long ball, let alone a home run. His stolen base numbers continue to pile up with no slump.

It’s a steep downward spiral from a 3-for-7 with five home runs in 24 games in July to a 2-for-7 with three home runs in 28 games in August.

San Diego has 12 games left. It will be interesting to see how many home runs and stolen bases Kim can add once he is healthy.

Kyung-Joo Choi, runner-up at the PGA Champions Tour Sanford International

Kyung Joo Choi finished runner-up at the PGA of America’s Champions Tour Sanford International ($2 million purse).

Kyung Joo Choi shot a 5-under 65 with six birdies and one bogey on the third and final day of the PGA Champions Tour Sanford International ($2 million) at Minnehaha Country Club (par 70, 6,729 yards) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, on Monday (Aug. 18).

With a final total of 15-under par 195, Choi finished the tournament in second place, one stroke behind Steve Stricker (USA) at 16-under par 194.

Born in 1970, Choi joined the Champions Tour in 2020, where players aged 50 and over compete, and has one win and four runner-up finishes to date.

His win came at the Pure Insurance Championship in September 2021 and his runner-up finish at the Dominion Energy Charity Classic ($2.2 million in prize money) in October 2022.

Choi birdied the 16th (par-5) to move into a share of the lead with Stryker, but Stryker, playing in the back group, also birdied the 16th to take a one-stroke lead.

Choi, who was trailing Striker by one stroke, needed a birdie on the 18th (par-4) but bogeyed the hole to finish runner-up. 메이저사이트

Choi also finished runner-up in this event in 2021 and went on to win the following week’s Pure Insurance Championship.

This year, Choi will be back at the Pure Insurance Championship next week, looking to reclaim his title after a two-year absence.

The 12-time PGA Tour winner has 17 wins on Champions Tour, including six this year alone.

He also won the Sanford International for the third time, following victories in 2018 and 2022. This year’s purse is worth $300,000.

Yang, who tied for third at the Ascension Charity Classic ($2 million) last week, shot a 7-under-par 203 and tied for 18th.