‘Solid performance from the trio’ Hongik University beats Kyung Hee University to end losing streak

Hongik University won their qualifying match for the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League against Kyung Hee University 3-1 (25-21, 25-19, 21-25, 25-19) in straight sets at Kyung Hee University Sunseung Hall in Yongin on 26 November.

Eighth-ranked Kyung Hee University (2-2, 5-1) and 10th-ranked Hongik University (1-3, 3-1) faced off. Kyung Hee University came into the match on a two-game winning streak, while Hongik University was on a two-game losing streak.

KU turned the tide. Mayumin (sophomore, OH, 190cm) and Kim Jun-ho (sophomore, OP, 198cm) led the one-two punch with 23 points, followed by Song Gun-hwan (freshman, MB, 198cm) with 10 points. Meanwhile, Kyung Hee University was led in double figures by Park Ye-chan (junior, OP, 200 cm) with 25 points, but it wasn’t enough.

Kyung Hee’s receiving line was shaky from the start. Hongik University took the lead with a service ace from Lee Yoo-bin (Sr., S, 188cm) as they were able to penetrate the Kyung Hee receivers. Kyung Hee University’s offence didn’t get any easier. Back-to-back attacks led to errors, allowing Hongik to extend their lead to a 6-3 double.

The score was not going to get any closer. A block was added to the mix, forcing a Kyung Hee University timeout. Hongik took advantage of the momentum and added a service point from Mayumin to make it a double point again, 12-6.

The gap was not easily closed. Every time Kyung Hee University had a chance to counterattack, they missed with errors. Hongik University, which did not lose the momentum until the end, ended with a block and took the first set.

Hongik University continued the momentum of the first set. A service ace by Song Gun-hwan was followed by back-to-back points to make it 4-0. The momentum was not easily broken, and they further increased their lead.

Kim Jun-ho had seven points, Song Gun-hwan had five, and Mayumin had four. This, coupled with three points from Song Gun-hwan’s serve, allowed Hongik University to take the second set 25-19.

In the third set, Kyung Hee University took its first lead of the match at 3-2, but it didn’t last long. Hongik University quickly turned the tables and took the lead at 6-5. They then extended their lead to 8-5, forcing Kyung Hee University to take a timeout.

Kyung Hee University did not back down easily. They continued to chase down Hongik and got as close as 9-10, and Lee Jung-min served to tie the score at 10-10. After exchanging points, two consecutive blocks gave Kyung Hee University a 16-13 lead.

Hongik University called a timeout, but it wasn’t enough. Kyung Hee University scored four straight points again, holding Hong Ik University to 13 points and reaching the 20-point mark. Kyung Hee University’s scoring streak didn’t stop. From 14-13, they scored eight straight points to go up 22-13.

Hongik University chased hard, but it was difficult to pull away. Kyung Hee University took the third set 25-21 and pushed the match to a fourth set. 안전놀이터

Unfortunately, Kyung Hee University was unable to continue its previous set performance. From the start of the fourth set, Hongik University took control of the score and did not give up the lead. Kyung Hee University changed its setter from Park Jun-seo (sophomore, 183cm) to Park Seo-jin (freshman, 175cm), but it was difficult to change the atmosphere.

Hongik University’s blocking height came alive. Hongik University never relinquished the lead and took the match in four sets, ending their losing streak.

Day One selected Ham Jun-hoo “I believe in coach Kim Seung-ki”

“Coach Kim Seung-ki called me.”

The KBL announced on Nov. 22 that Goyang Day One and free agent Ham Jun-hoo (34, 195 cm) have signed a contract. The terms of the contract are two years and 80 million won in compensation.

Last season, Ham Jun-hoo helped Anyang KGC win the title, but he didn’t see much time on the court as a starter. He averaged 1.8 points and 0.6 rebounds in seven minutes and 50 seconds in five games. This compares to 9:23 minutes in 48 games in the 2021-2022 season. Hungry for playing time, Ham Jun-hoo took coach Kim Seung-ki up on his offer and stayed with Day One for two seasons.

“I didn’t get a lot of opportunities last season, but my performance was so good while I was at KGC. In the 2021-2022 season, I got a lot of opportunities. It wasn’t easy to leave because I was doing well, but coach Kim Seung-ki called me and I changed teams. The fact that Kim Seung-ki was there was the biggest reason for the move. The second reason was that I wanted to continue my career,” he said.

Ham Jun-hoo played with Kim in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons at Anyang KGC. In 2021-2022, he averaged 1.7 points and 1.2 rebounds in 9:23 minutes in 48 games. That’s the most games he’s ever played in a season, and it’s clear that Kim knows and utilizes him well.

“I trust the coach. We’ve been together for two years, so we know each other’s styles. So we didn’t talk about much. I think he said simply, ‘I hope he comes. I think the first thing is to fulfill the coach’s expectations rather than my personal expectations. I didn’t play much last season, so I want to play, and I’m going to do my best.”

Ham Jun-hoo played for the Goyang Orion (now Day One) for two seasons, from the 2018-2019 season to the 2019-2020 season. He is not worried about adjusting to the new team as many of the players have remained with the organization.

“I have (Kim) Kang-seon, (Han) Hobin, and (Kim) Jin-yu. (Cho) Jin-yu went to the army, and we stayed in touch after he transferred. The basketball board is small, so I think we’ll eventually meet. There were a lot of players I was happy to see. (Jeon) Sung-hyun is there. (Choi) Hyun-min is a junior in college, so I know most of them. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older (laughs).”

In conclusion, he said, “I don’t have big goals or anything like that. First of all, I don’t think the coach’s expectations are high, so I want to fulfill them. I think it’s my last chance to play and I want to burn like a flame. I don’t have any big goals. I think the first thing is to fit in well with the team.” 먹튀검증

Again 2014, Last Dance by Oh Seung-geun and Kim Sun-hyung

South Korea’s Chu Il-seung-ho announces 16-man roster for Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

South Korea’s national basketball team has announced its 16-man roster for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. On May 26, the KBA announced the 16-man roster and 24 reserve players for the Hangzhou Asian Games after discussions with the Performance Improvement Committee.

This is the first time the national team has convened since the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup in July last year. The team has a hectic schedule ahead, starting with the Korea-Japan Basketball Trial in July, the FIBA Pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament in August and the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. Led by head coaches Choo Il-seung and Lee Hoon-jae, the squad features a wide range of selections, from the most experienced player, Oh Se-geun (SK), to the youngest, Moon Jung-hyun (Korea University), spanning the professional and amateur ranks, domestic and international players, and new and old generations.

Most notable is the return of veterans Oh Se-geun and Kim Sun-hyung to the Taegeuk Mark. Both players are alumni of the ‘Chung-Ang University 52-game winning streak’ myth and are now superstars representing professional basketball. The two players, who had one of the most epic matchups of all time as opposing aces in the 2023 KBL Championship Finals, made headlines when Osegun, who became a free agent after the season ended with KGC as the overall champions, made a surprise move to SK with Kim Sun-hyung.

Oh and Kim were also regulars on the national team. They were part of the winning team at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, the last time Korean basketball reached the top of the international stage. Only three players from that squad are still on the national team today – Oh Se-geun, Kim Sun-hyung, and Kim Jong-kyu (Wonju DB).

It’s not uncommon for domestic players to get smaller when they go to international competitions. However, the duo of Oh and Kim have been one of the few players who have always been able to hold their own on the international stage. They are now in their mid-30s, but their skills are not rusty at all. Kim Sun-hyung won his second regular season MVP in 10 years this year, while Oh Se-geun won his third Final MVP, tied for the most in history. That’s why national team coach Chu Il-seung, who has emphasized generational change, brought the two veterans back to the national team.

The two players had been away from the national team for a while as they entered their 2020s. They had been away from the national team for a while as they entered their 20s, with nagging injuries and physical limitations, and the team was in need of a generational change. However, at the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup, the national team realized how much they needed the two players. Chu Il-seung-ho showed promise with his unique ‘forward basketball’ style, but in the quarterfinals against New Zealand, the absence of a seasoned leader and fixer was painful as the team collapsed due to injuries and mental battles.

Since winning the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, Korea Basketball has struggled on the international stage. At the 2018 Asian Games in Palembang, Jakarta, they finished third and were plagued by selection noise. Heo Jae, Kim Sang-sik, and Cho Sang-hyun, the previous coaches of the national team, all resigned amid controversy after failing to fulfill their terms. In February last year, the national team was disqualified from the Asian qualifiers for the Basketball World Cup due to a spate of COVID-19 cases in the squad, forcing the team to take a year off from international competition after the Asia Cup.

The most important event of the year is the Asian Games. Originally scheduled for 2022 but postponed by a year due to the COVID-19 situation in host China, the Hangzhou Asian Games in September this year will be a chance for Korea Basketball to redeem itself.

Since the 2000s, South Korea has only reached the podium at home in Busan in 2002 and Incheon in 2014, but has struggled on the road. The last time Korea Basketball won an away title on the Asian stage was in 1997 at the FIA Asia Cup in Saudi Arabia (then known as the Asian Basketball Championship), 26 years ago. If we limit ourselves to the Asian Games, it’s been 41 years since they won gold in New Delhi in 1982.

Given their age, there is a good chance that the Hangzhou Asian Games will be their de facto “last dance” under the Korean flag. Current ace and naturalized Korean athlete Ra Gun-ah has already hinted at retiring from the national team after the Hangzhou Games. With the best roster since 2014, this tournament is a golden opportunity for Korea Basketball to overcome the away jinx and go for the title.

The key will be the health of Oh and Kim. Both are seniors, and the overtime game seven of last season’s championship game took a toll on their bodies. They don’t need to prove themselves anymore, so barring injury, they should be in the final roster. They are likely to be utilized as jokers to come in at key moments rather than full-time starters as they slowly build up their fitness with a focus on the Asian Games.

On the other hand, the introduction of new faces and the harmonization with the ‘Chuil Seung-pyo forward basketball’ is also noteworthy. Along with familiar faces like Oh Se-geun, Kim Sun-hyung, Ragan-ah, Heo Hoon, and Kim Jong-kyu, Park Ji-hoon of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation and Yang Jae-min, who plays for Utsunomiya in the Japanese B League, have been included in the national team’s training roster for the first time. Korea University standout Moon Jung-hyun is the only collegiate player to be named to the 16-man roster for the first time since 2022. Choo will focus on maximizing the competitiveness of the young players in the upcoming trials in July.

Chu made his international debut at the Asia Cup, where he impressed with his tactical use of long forwards. While the team’s performance at the Asia Cup was far from perfect due to the short amount of time they had to work together, it was significant in that it demonstrated the potential of a new style of basketball, away from the small lineup and three-point-oriented archery of the traditional Korean style. With the exception of a few irreplaceable players per position, this team is characterized by a large number of swingman-type players with size and athleticism, including Song Kyo-chang, Lee Woo-seok, Moon Jung-hyun, Yang Jae-min, and Lee Dae-heon.

However, there is a concern that some important resources will not be able to join the national team. Lee Hyun-jung, Yeo Joon-seok, and Choi are considered the future of Korean basketball 메이저놀이터.

Kingsley Coman=Winner? Former French, Italian, and German champion since his pro debut

If you need a championship, Kingsley Coman might be your man.

Bayern Munich were crowned 2022-23 German Bundesliga champions on Sunday, winning their 11th consecutive title and the 12th of his career.

He scored the opening goal in the eighth minute of the league final against FC Köln in a 2-1 victory. It was a lethal performance that ended Borussia Dortmund’s hopes of winning the title after an 11-year wait.

With this win, Coman continued his streak of winning every season since his professional debut. From Paris Saint-Germain in 2012-13 to Juventus and then Munich, he has won three leagues and 12 seasons in a row, an incredible feat.

“Despite being in his mid-20s, he already has 27 trophies in his cabinet, including 12 league titles,” said The Sun, a British publication, “and he has also been a runner-up at the Euros and World Cup with his country.”

In fact, Coman has won titles in all three of his national leagues – France, Italy, and Germany, as mentioned above. Two in France, two in Italy, and eight in Germany.

Coman has also won other trophies outside of the leagues. He’s lifted trophies in the League Cup, FA Cup, Club World Cup, Champions League, and more.

안전놀이터 It’s a league title that not many people get to win just once. While he hasn’t necessarily been at the center of the action every season, it’s hard to deny that he’s been incredibly lucky.

Meanwhile, Coman has won 12 league titles and is just one step away from tying Ryan Giggs’ record of 13. Giggs is a legend who won 13 titles with Manchester United. While it’s hard to compare him directly to Giggs, it’s a close call.

Hwang Hee-chan and Son Heung-min to start in EPL season finale

Can the transfer speculated ‘bull’ Hwang Hee-chan end the season with a goal in back-to-back games? Wolverhampton, who have been forced to trim their squad due to the club’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) issues, prepare for their season finale against Arsenal. With local media speculating on Hwang’s departure, it will be interesting to see if he can score his fifth goal of the season in what could be his last game for Wolverhampton. The 2022-2023 Premier League (EPL) Round 38 match between Arsenal and Wolverhampton will take place on Sept. 29.

Last season in a Wolverhampton jersey, Hwang scored nine goals and provided four assists in 62 appearances over two seasons. With Wolverhampton looking to sell some of their players, local media outlets are speculating that Hwang, who has been out of action due to frequent injuries, will be one of the targets. However, it’s also been reported that there are a number of clubs who want him. There are clubs in the Premier League and Serie A that have expressed interest in the player. In this situation, the remaining games are crucial for Hwang. He scored his fourth goal of the season in the last round, so if he continues to perform well against Arsenal, he could be in the running for more teams.

The 2021-2022 EPL’s top scorer, Son Heung-min, will be looking to lead Tottenham to a seventh-place finish for the second straight season. With 14 goals and five assists on the season, Heung-min will be looking for his 20th attacking point with one more in this match. He has three goals and one assist in four games against Leeds, so it will be interesting to see if he can find the net in the final game of the season. Eighth-placed Spurs will need to win this game and hope that seventh-placed Aston Villa slip up in order to qualify for the UEFA Europa Conference.

While Son had a rough start to the season with a lack of goals and an orbital fracture, he showed his class in the second half of the season, scoring his 100th EPL goal and reaching double-digit EPL goals for the seventh consecutive season. With just one game left in what has been an eventful season, all eyes will be on Son to record his 20th attacking point of the season. After averaging one attacking point per game against Leeds, can he find the back of the net in the final game?

With 57 points, Tottenham are in eighth place, one point behind seventh-place Aston Villa (58). Aston Villa, who will play their final game at home, will face Brighton, who have clinched sixth place. If Aston Villa wins, Tottenham will fail to qualify for the Conference League regardless of the result against Leeds. If Aston Villa draws and Tottenham wins, the two teams will swap positions. If Aston Villa loses and Tottenham draws, Spurs can still finish seventh, but if ninth-place Brentford (56 points) beats Man City, it will be Brentford who qualifies for the Conference League 토토사이트.

While the winners and Champions League and Europa League qualifiers have been decided, the race for Europa League tickets and league survival is still on. Tottenham, Aston Villa, and Brentford are fighting for a Europa League spot, while Everton, Leicester, and Leeds need to win their final games to avoid relegation.

Bae ‘adds stolen base for first time in 22 days’ Bae Ji-hwan replaced by pinch-hitter after error…PIT 0-5 Seattle

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Bae Ji-hwan added a stolen base for the first time in 22 days.

Bae went 1-for-1 with a walk and a stolen base against the Seattle Mariners on Sunday (Aug. 28) at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Bae, who started at second base in the No. 7 spot, drew a walk in his first at-bat in the top of the second inning after falling behind 0-3. Seattle starter Luis Castillo’s 96.7 mph three-seam fastball hit Bae on the right thigh. Bae didn’t gesture at the plate and then ran to second on a 97 mph fastball from Josh Palacios.

Seattle catcher Carl Rowley’s throw to second was high and into center field, allowing Bae to advance to third. For the record, Bae stole second and Rolle’s throw was an error. However, Palacios retired the runner at second on a fielder’s choice.

It had been 22 days since Bae stole second base in the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays on June 6. Since then, Bae has failed to steal four straight bases. He has 15 stolen bases and five doubles on the season.

Bae led off the fifth inning with a single and grounded out to second base.

Then, in the bottom of the sixth, he made a throwing error on a double play. With one out, Colton Wong hit a grounder to third base. Third baseman Keybrian Hayes picked it up and threw to first base with a running motion to force out Jose Caballero at second, but the ball went one-bound and off the mitt of first baseman Connor Cho. The pinch runner, Wong, advanced to second.

It was Bae’s seventh error of the season, three at second base, two at shortstop and two in center field. His seven errors are second on the team behind Rodolfo Castro (eight).

Bae was removed from the game in the seventh inning. Trailing 0-4 and with two outs, the Pittsburgh bench replaced him with Castro. Bae was batting .269 (36-for-134) in the game. 메이저놀이터

Seattle scored three runs on five hits in the first inning – a Ty Franks double, an Eugenio Suarez single to right and a Teoscar Hernandez double to left – and took a 4-0 lead in the second on Julio Rodriguez’s two-run double that put runners on first and second.

Seattle starter Luis Castillo improved to 4-2 on the season with six innings of one-hit ball, two walks and 10 strikeouts.

With the 5-0 loss, Pittsburgh remained in second place in the NL Central at 26-25. The division-leading Milwaukee Brewers lost to the San Francisco Giants earlier in the day, 3-1, to remain a half-game behind.

‘The Big Three’: LG, SSG, and Lotte in Game 1 of the Korean Baseball Classic

Professional baseball, which began on April 1 and will play a total of 720 games with 144 games per team, is already one-third of the way through its schedule, and the early season report cards are divided into “three strong, four weak.

As of the 27th, the 2023 KBO League midseason standings were led by the LG Twins (29 wins, 1 tie, 16 losses, 0.644 winning percentage), followed by the SSG Landers (28 wins, 1 tie, 0.636) and the Lotte Giants (26 wins, 15 losses, 0.634), each within 0.5 games of the top three.

The Doosan Bears (22 wins, 1 tie, 21 losses, 0.512) are in fourth place, five games behind third-place Lotte, while the fifth-place NC Dinos (22 wins, 0.500) and sixth-place KIA Tigers (20 wins, 21 losses, 0.488) round out the middle of the pack, each within 0.5 games of each other.

The Samsung Lions (18-25, 0.419) are seventh, three games behind sixth-place KIA and one game ahead of eighth-place Kiwoom Heroes (19-28, 0.404), while KT WIZ (16-2, 0.381) and Hanwha Eagles (16-3, 0.381) are tied for ninth, half a game behind Kiwoom.

On this day, Kia’s iconic ace Yang Hyun-jong (35) reached a new milestone.

Yang pitched a complete-game shutout to lead his team to a 6-3 victory over the LG Twins in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League on Sunday at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju.

With a quality start (six or more innings pitched and no more than three earned runs allowed), Yang gave up three runs on seven hits and two walks in 6⅔ innings, earning his third win of the season.

In addition, Yang has now won 162 games (103 losses) in 16 seasons since joining KIA in 2007, excluding 2021 when he played in the American League, moving him into sole possession of second place on the all-time wins list, ahead of Jung Min-chul (161 wins, formerly of Hanwha).

The KBO’s all-time wins record is 210 (153 wins, 107 saves), held by Song Jin-woo (former Hanwha coach), who retired in 2009.

Among active pitchers, Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG Landers) is tied for fourth with 152 wins (82 losses).

In the bottom of the fourth inning, KIA scored a run on Byun Woo-hyuk’s single to right field with runners on first and second, and then pinch-hitter Lee Chang-jin hit a two-run double to right-center to make it 4-3.

In the fifth inning, Kim Sun-bin doubled in a run, and in the bottom of the sixth, Park Chan-ho singled in a run to make it 6-3.

Lotte scores six runs in the seventh inning, but Kiwoom rallies for five runs in the bottom of the ninth.

At Gocheok Dome, the Lotte Giants held off a late rally by the Kiwoom Heroes, 6-5.

Lotte, which has won three straight games, maintained its third-place position, while eighth-place Kiwoom, which has lost four straight games, saw its eighth-place position jeopardized.

The game was tied at 0-0 through six innings, but the tie was broken in the seventh inning.

Lotte took a 3-0 lead in the top of the seventh as Yoo Kang-nam doubled and Ahn Kwon-soo singled with runners on first and second.

Two batters later, Park Seung-wook doubled down the left field line and Jeon Jun-woo singled, followed by Yoon Dong-hee’s RBI single to push the lead back to three runs, 6-0.

Kiwoom got on the board in the bottom of the ninth when Kim Dong-heon doubled with two outs.

After two walks to load the bases, pinch-hitter Lim Byung-wook hit an RBI single to cut the deficit to 5-6, one run.

However, it was not to be as Lee Jung-hoo was caught on a pitcher’s muffed grounder.

■ Pinch-hitter Kang Baek-ho hits two RBI doubles as KT wins fourth straight over Samsung

In a matchup of foreign aces, the KT WIZ defeated the Samsung Lions 5-2 in Daegu.

KT, which is tied for ninth place, extended its winning streak to four games and moved within half a game of eighth-place Kiwoom Heroes, who lost their fourth straight on the day 안전놀이터.

KT took a 2-0 lead in the top of the second inning when Kim Min-hyuk singled and Kim Sang-soo doubled to right field with runners on second and third.

After a pitching change, Samsung got one run back when Kang Min-ho hit a solo shot to left field.

However, KT answered in the top of the third when Kang Baek-ho, who pinch-hit with runners on second and third, doubled to left-center to bring in both runners and make it 4-1.

KT added a run in the fourth inning on an RBI single by Park Byung-ho.

Samsung got one run back in the bottom of the fifth inning when Koo Ja-rook drew a bases-loaded walk.

However, the next batter, Kim Dong-jin, was hit by a pitch straight at the pitcher for an infield single, negating any further scoring opportunities.

KT got five innings of four-hit, two-run ball from starter Wes Benjamin before Kim Min-soo, Lee Chae-ho, Joo Wook and Son Dong-hyun each pitched one inning to preserve the win.

Samsung starter David Buchanan took the loss after giving up five runs on 11 hits in four innings.

■ Hanwha holds NC to ‘just two hits’ in 5-0 victory over the Dinos, who committed numerous errors

In Changwon, the Hanwha Eagles managed just two hits and committed two errors and seven walks to defeat the NC Dinos 5-0.

It was Hanwha that broke a tight pitching battle that lasted until the middle innings.

Hanwha scored the first run in the top of the fifth inning with runners on first and second on a sacrifice bunt by Lee Jin-young and an error.

Moon Hyun-bin followed with a two-run double to center field to make it 3-0.

With the game on the line, Hanwha scored two runs in the top of the ninth on three walks, a fielder’s choice and a sacrifice fly to tie the game without a hit.

NC, which pounded out eight hits, had two walks and a hit-by-pitch in its chances.

Hanwha starter Peña allowed five hits and four walks until the sixth inning, but shut down the NC bats with a no-hitter.

Meanwhile, the SSG Landers-Dusan Bears game at Jamsil Stadium was canceled due to rain.

Samsung 1R superrookie gets starting lessons…but it’s more than bitter→4 runs in 1.2 innings

Lee Ho-sung (Samsung Lions), who is undergoing a starting class in the Futures League, got his first chance to start for the first time since coming to the pros, but it was a disappointing performance.

Samsung’s Lee Ho-sung started against the Lotte Giants Futures team in the 2023 KBO Futures League on Sunday at Gyeongsan Stadium. It was the first time for Lee to start for either the first team or the Futures.

Lee got out of the jam in the first inning by getting the leadoff hitter, Hwang Sung-bin, to ground out to first base. He then gave up a hit to Jung Hoon, a walk to Kim Min-soo, and a single to Park Hyung-joon before striking out Kim Dong-hyuk to get through the inning without allowing a run.

But the second inning was a problem. Shin Yun-hoo, the leadoff hitter, flied out to center field but gave up a single to Jung Dae-sun. He then gave up an RBI double to Kang Tae-yul. Kim Se-min soon followed with a double to extend the lead to two, and Hwang Sung-bin and Jung Hoon followed suit. After hitting Kim Min-soo with a single, Lee turned the mound over to Park Se-woong.

Lee went 1.2 innings, allowing four runs on three hits and three walks with two strikeouts. He threw 59 pitches. The team lost 6-8, and Lee was left with a bitter taste of defeat.

Lee is one of Samsung’s top pitching prospects. Selected by Samsung with the 8th pick in the first round of the 2023 First-Year Player Draft out of Incheon High School, Lee is known for his reliable fastball and changeup, but his biggest strength is his mental game. He is not easily shaken.

After being named to the opening roster, Lee was removed from the first team on April 16 after going winless in three games and posting a 2.57 ERA. He was sent down to the Future for about a month. He was sent down to the Futures and had been preparing for about a month, and on April 18, he came out of the bullpen against SSG and threw one scoreless inning.

As mentioned above, he has a steady delivery and is not easily rattled. He also has excellent game management skills. “His style is really bold and daring,” said Samsung coach Park Jin-man, adding, “(Kang) Min-ho also praised Ho-sung for his game management skills. He doesn’t look like a young player. He has good mind control. I think he’s a little bold even in normal times.”

What does the future hold for Lee Ho-seong as a starter?

The Samsung Future Team also saw the faces of Kim Dong-yeop and Kim Jae-sung, who are preparing for their comebacks. Kim started at second base and designated hitter, going 1-for-3 with a walk and two RBIs. Kim Jae-sung came in for Lee Byung-heon and went 1-for-1 with a walk.


Byung-hoon Ahn jumps to a 2R tie for fourth at the PGA Tour’s Charles Schwab Challenge

Byung-hoon Ahn of South Korea moved into a tie for fourth place after the second round of the Charles Schwab Challenge ($8.7 million purse) on the U.S. Professional Golf (PGA) Tour.

Byung-hoon Ahn carded five birdies and one bogey for a 4-under 66 in the second round of the tournament at Colonial Country Club (par 70, 7,209 yards) in Fort Worth, Texas (USA) on Sunday.

Ahn, who was tied for seventh after a 3-under par first round, moved into a tie for fourth place with a 7-under par 133 total.

He is five shots behind leader Harry Hall (England – 12-under 128).

Ahn, who tied for fourth at the Fortinet Championship last September and tied for sixth at the Valero Texas Open earlier this month, is looking for his third top-10 finish of the 2022-2023 season.

After starting the day with a birdie on No. 1 (par-5), Ahn bogeyed No. 4 (par-3), but birdies on No. 7 (par-4), No. 8 (par-3), No. 12 (par-4) and No. 13 (par-3) followed.

Kim Si-woo, who was tied for seventh with Ahn Byung-hoon in the first round, was unable to make up any ground on the day, trading four birdies for four bogeys and dropping to a tie for 19th at 3-under 137.

Kyung Hoon Lee improved by one stroke on the day, moving from T22 to T19.

Lee Min Woo (AUS), Justin Seo and Michael Kim (USA) made the cut in a tie for 28th (2-under 138).

Players who shot a 1-over-par 141 through the second round also made the cut, with Sungjae Lim missing out with a 2-over-par 142, tied for 73rd with Tony Finau (USA) and Tommy Fleetwood (England).

Kim Sung-hyun also missed the cut, finishing at 7-over-par 147.

After a bogey-free first round and eight birdies, PGA Tour rookie Hall shaved four more strokes off his score in round two to remain atop the leaderboard. 먹튀검증

Harris English (USA) is second (9-under 131) and Emiliano Grillo (Argentina) is third (8-under 132).

Scottie Schaeffler (USA) shaved three strokes off his first and second rounds to finish tied for seventh (6-under par 134).

“Lesson Pro” Michael Block (USA), who made a splash last week in a tie for 15th at the PGA Championship, shot a much better 4-over-par than his 11-over-par score the day before, but finished in last place with a total of 15-over-par 155.

It’s varsity time again…and captain Park has a lot on her shoulders

It’s national team time again. The task at hand is to restore the pride that was shattered last year.

Led by head coach César Hernández González (Spain), the Korea Women’s National Team is in full training mode in Turkuye, host of the FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2023 (VNL) Week 1 tournament. Korea will open the tournament on June 1 (KST) with a first-round match against Turkiye, followed by Canada (June 2), USA (June 3) and Thailand (June 4). The team will then travel to Brazil and Suwon for the second and third weeks of competition.

South Korea suffered an embarrassing 12-game sweep at the VNL last year. Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Soo-ji (Heungkuk Life Insurance), and Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C), who were part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games fourth-place finish, returned to the tournament, but it was humiliating to fail to pick up a single point.

Park Jung-ah (Pepper Savings Bank), the captain of this year’s team after last year’s team, will be especially determined. She can’t let her fans down again. Moreover, the atmosphere of the first VNL is of utmost importance this year, as there will be a series of major international competitions such as the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifiers and the Hangzhou Asian Games 메이저놀이터.

“This year, I want to come back with a smile on my face,” Park, who showed confidence in a recent public interview at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, told reporters before departing for Turkuye on the 22nd. “Last year, there were many young players who were new to the international stage. I’m sure they will have grown a little more through last year’s experience.”

The biggest change from last year is the expansion of the staff. Broadcast commentator Han Yumi was appointed as the varsity coach, and Kim Yeon-kyung is helping the juniors as an advisor. “I’m getting a lot of help,” Park said.

Park has been working tirelessly since last year. Called up to the national team right after the end of the 2021-2022 V-League season, she was voted captain for the first time and had a packed schedule that included the VNL and World Championships. He struggled to rescue the team from its slump, but was unable to prevent the worst losing streak of his career. As a result of his hard work, he contracted shingles at the beginning of the 2022-2023 V-League season and struggled for a while. After slumping in the middle of the season, he proved his worth on the big stage in the playoffs and championship game, leading Korea Express to the top. All that energy took its toll on his body.

After the season, he became a free agent (FA) and took a break to wear a Pepper Savings Bank jersey at the highest level. But less than a month later, he was called up to the national team. “It’s true that there’s a lot of pressure, but it’s unavoidable, so I’m determined to overcome it,” he said.